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The Public is always welcome. The first Tuesday of each month is a business meeting. The other Tuesdays are either work or operating sessions. Membership in our Society is open to all persons with an interest in model railroading. For more information, click on the links below, drop by on a Tuesday evening or send us some email. We would love to hear from you.

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Norfolk Southern Engine Georgia’s first railroad tracks were laid in the mid s on routes leading from Athens , Augusta , Macon , and Savannah. Some twenty-five years later, the state not only could claim more rail miles than any other in the Deep South but also had linked its major towns and created a new rail center, Atlanta. The railroads continued to expand until the s, when a long decline began that lasted into the s.

Today, the state’s rail system is a strong, 5, mile network anchored by two major lines, Norfolk Southern and CSX, and a couple dozen shortlines. In it began building a mile railroad to Hamburg, on the Savannah River opposite Augusta. Savannah businessmen, worried that Charleston would benefit at their expense, responded by organizing the Central Rail Road and Canal Company.

The state legislature , meeting in Milledgeville , issued a charter for the company in December The canal division of the company was soon dropped in favor of the construction of railroads, which were not as limited as canals with regard to where they could be built. Construction began in December The Georgia Colquitt Depot Railroad Company was chartered to a group of Athens businessmen in for the purpose of building a railroad from Augusta west into the interior of the state.

In the charter was amended to allow banking operations, and the name was changed to Georgia Railroad and Banking Company.

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By , some 9, miles of track had been laid east of the Missouri River. During that same period, the first settlers began to move westward across the United States; this trend increased dramatically after the discovery of gold in California in The overland journey—across mountains, plains, rivers and deserts—was risky and difficult, and many westward migrants instead chose to travel by sea, taking the six-month route around Cape Horn at the tip of South America, or risking yellow fever and other diseases by crossing the Isthmus of Panama and traveling via ship to San Francisco.

In , the New York entrepreneur Asa Whitney presented a resolution in Congress proposing the federal funding of a railroad that would stretch to the Pacific. Lobbying efforts over the next several years failed due to growing sectionalism in Congress, but the idea remained a potent one. In , a young engineer named Theodore Judah identified the infamous Donner Pass in northern California where a group of westward emigrants had become trapped in as an ideal location for constructing a railroad through the formidable Sierra Nevada mountains.

Conrail, short for the Consolidated Rail Corporation, was a government creation to save the Northeastern rail network in the s. Read about the fascinating history of this company.

From Dallas to Frisco: A Change in Direction – Fulfilling Our Mission When the Museum of the American Railroad embarked on its strategic planning process in the summer of , one thing became very clear at the onset — we were out of space. In fact, that was the driving force behind the strategic planning effort. Secondly, our collection was way overdue to be covered by a permanent structure to provide protection from the elements.

There were several other basic needs to be addressed in the planning process such as our desire to keep the present collection intact and to build a new facility that would be flexible and allow for the activities associated with a modern museum, particularly increasingly popular after-hours programs. The Board of Trustees and staff entered into the process with an open mind and a willingness to do what was right for the museum as an institution and for the collection as its principal holding.

The trend today is for museums to not engage in collecting at all, but to be venues for large traveling exhibitions. Our situation is quite the opposite, with our first acquisition dating back to We knew we had reached the point of diminishing returns several years ago — probably about In looking back, it is apparent that our precious resources simply could not have provided us with the programming and presentation of the collection that we had envisioned at the time — no matter how hard we tried.

Back to the Strategic Plan…In working with Marcy Goodwin of Goodwin Associates, we tackled the issue of location and space about day-three of the process. We were hopeful that we could fit every other aspect of the plan into the Fair Park venue. However, we had also decided not to make the Strategic Plan site-specific, as it would have limited the outcome of the process.

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However, most military service pensions and payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs will not cause a reduction. Employee Annuity If both the husband and wife are qualified railroad employees and either had some railroad service before , both can receive separate railroad retirement employee and spouse annuities, without a full dual benefit reduction.

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Members receive a quarterly printed magazine, a bi-monthly email newsletter. Check them out on its valuable information about reproductions and fakes. The lock made by Hansl lock Co and the key by Adlake. Lock works great with the hasp popping up when the key is turned. All looking the same and taking the similar types of keys having different cuts. The hasp moves up and down slightly indicating it would open with the correct key in my opinion. Both lock and key were made by Adlake. Some lettering loss on the key but still legible.

Can send better close up picture of the key. Lock is in great shape being over 54 years old. Lock has some nicks and dings.

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Stephen Rooke Executive in Charge: Stephen Segaller Executive Producer: They left Ireland, a land ravaged by famine, disease and violence, in hopes of a new life. But, within weeks they would all be dead, their bodies buried in an unmarked grave.

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Sorry, something has gone wrong. It can be tough can’t it? The railroad is very tough on relationships. We have a high divorce rate for sure. I’m on my second marriage. It takes a special person to cope with the life of a rail. You need to be like we are You need to learn how to be able to go with the flow. By that i mean don’t get bent out of shape when plans change. For instance suppose you had planned to go out to dinner on Friday but he’s gone instead.

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Louis City of Kansas City: Louis – Kansas City City of St. Louis – Des Moines Detroit Arrow: Chicago – Detroit Detroit Limited: Louis – Detroit Kansas City Express:

Black Diamond Society of Model Engineers. Come See Our Trains in Action. East Macada Road, Bethlehem, PA Contact info The Black Diamond Society of Model Engineers, Inc. (BDSME).

Visit Website In , the New York entrepreneur Asa Whitney presented a resolution in Congress proposing the federal funding of a railroad that would stretch to the Pacific. Lobbying efforts over the next several years failed due to growing sectionalism in Congress, but the idea remained a potent one. In , a young engineer named Theodore Judah identified the infamous Donner Pass in northern California where a group of westward emigrants had become trapped in as an ideal location for constructing a railroad through the formidable Sierra Nevada mountains.

He then headed to Washington , where he was able to convince congressional leaders as well as President Abraham Lincoln , who signed the Pacific Railroad Act into law the following year. From the beginning, then, the building of the transcontinental railroad was set up in terms of a competition between the two companies.

All were ambitious businessmen with no prior experience with railroads, engineering or construction. They borrowed heavily to finance the project, and exploited legal loopholes to get the most possible funds from the government for their planned track construction. Disillusioned with his partners, Judah planned to recruit new investors to buy them out, but he caught yellow fever while crossing the Isthmus of Panama on his way east and died in November , soon after the Central Pacific had spiked its first rails to ties in Sacramento.

Meanwhile, in Omaha, Dr. Thomas Durant had illegally achieved a controlling interest in the Union Pacific Railroad Company, giving him complete authority over the project. Though the Union Pacific celebrated its own launch in early December , little would be completed until the end of the Civil War in

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Roads then were impassable or none existent. Getting provisions to a small community trying to get a start was almost impossible. Now communities could prosper. The big market for lumber was in Albany. It was also seen as a colonization route to the unsettled country in the Free Grant district.

THE GREAT FALLS MODEL RAILROAD CLUB HISTORY. books, and more than 6, magazines, many of which are complete sets dating from the ’s or earlier to the present. Another outstanding feature of our new location is the classroom space for the eight-week Model Railroading course that we offer twice a year through the Auburn Adult.

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Transcontinental Railroad summary: The First Transcontinental Railroad was built crossing the western half of America and it was pieced together between and It was 1, miles long and served for the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States to be connected by rail for the first.

Not surprising, lots of employees do not set poles. Black River Co-op here locally has been using nails since I recently saw a aluminum 09 in a pole, I inquire with a lineman about the possibility of getting a few of them. He looked at me like I was crazy, he had no idea what I was talking about.. Southern California Edison used them from the teens up into the s.. Their personnel went out to the treatment companies and drove nails into the poles they approved for purchase

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Date nails are not fasteners. The two numerals on their heads are the last two numerals in a year. They came into use when railways began to treat ties with preservative, as a way of monitoring which treatments worked best, and gradually went into disuse as wood preservative technology matured and other means of marking dates were introduced. Date nails are also found in utility poles. Date Nails and Railroad Tie Preservation. A good introduction is through Jeff Oaks’ website, http:

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Home The Gauge 3 Galleries Note: With a few notable exceptions see below , it is now practiced by less than a dozen modelers in the US out of thousands of model railroaders. This is not the case in Europe where something of a Gauge 3 renaissance has been underway since the mid s, particularly in Great Britain among garden railway enthusiasts, and to a lesser extent among German and Swiss indoor modelers. The thumbnails below are an index to the several galleries of Gauge 3 models that are maintained on this site.

Some of these images are purely historical, their objects having long ago disappeared. Others are just as contemporary as their builders. Several garage manufacturers are also represented. A History of Gauge 3 Did you ever go to the L. Or see a Coventry pacific? This gallery contains an illustrated history of Gauge 3 from the s through the present.

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